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As our patient, you can rely on us to deliver the most natural and minimally-invasive, holistic, restorative and cosmetic dental services available. Our team has extensive training and experience in a broad range of dental specialties and techniques and can offer everything you need here in our Bluffton | Hilton Head Island, SC location. Recognizing that your oral health and your overall health are dependent upon one another, we take a comprehensive approach to improving both. We accomplish this in a relaxing environment—a comfortable, luxurious spa-like setting that will make you forget you’re visiting a dental office—where advanced technology and compassion merge to create the best possible health outcomes for you. We’re proud to say you won’t find another practice like it.

See What a Biologically-Minded Team Can Do for You

Our founder, Richard F. Porcelli, DDS, MS, wants you to be happy when you smile. His mission is to help bring back the smile you used to have or create the smile you never had. His biological approach is committed to making your mouth healthy, one that inspires confidence, giving you the renewed ability to enjoy the most important everyday activities like eating and speaking again. His education, from completing his doctorate degree at NYU College of Dentistry to reconstructive training with world class institutes like Dawson Academy, Pankey Institute, and the Kois Center put Dr. Porcelli in the leading 1% of doctors in his field.

His annual world training at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, and Bio-Regulatory Medical Institute, keep him current and position him to provide a broad range of holistic dental care with optimal results. He lectures yearly on reconstructive dentistry, the mouth-body connection, and cosmetic smile design. Learn more about him today:

Our Holistic Approach

A clinical associate of Dr. Gerald Curatola, a pioneer of biological dentistry, NYU College of Dentistry faculty, and student of the acclaimed Dr. Thomas Rau—trailblazer in biologic medicine and previous head of the distinguished Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland—Dr. Porcelli has become skilled in the safest, most effective methods and technology for restoring your oral health and overall well-being naturally.

Smile Rejuvenation

As a SMART-trained cosmetic restorative dentist certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. Porcelli is exceptionally qualified to bring back your beautiful smile using a variety of natural holistic dentistry techniques. These include smile design, laser dentistry, ozone therapy, safe mercury amalgram removal, BPA-free composites, high quality ceramics, Invisalign, and flouride-free dentistry.

TMJ Therapy - Epigenetic Orthodontics / Vivos

Dr. Porcelli was trained in treating TMJ disorders at the renowned
Dawson Academy, Pankey Institute and Kois Center. He understands the collapsed smile, mouth underdevelopment and disfunction, neuromuscular response, and how the root cause of these issues may be in the adjacent ligaments and muscles, not only the joints. Once he determines this, he customizes a treatment plan to address your specific situation and help create a healthy beautiful smile with proper development and function.

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