Ozone Therapy

Destroy Harmful Oral Pathogens the Natural Way

Ozone Therapy Derives Its Healing Power from Oxygen

Widely used for decades, ozone therapy is a leading treatment in biological dentistry. This proven therapy actually uses oxygen as the basis of its healing properties. While O2 is the chemical symbol for oxygen, ozone is known as O3. The science is a bit technical, but that third oxygen molecule is what makes ozone so powerful in killing viruses, fungi, and bacteria while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. What’s more, ozone can be as effective in a single dose as several rounds of other conventional treatments!

Our founder, Dr. Richard Porcelli, and our entire team are highly skilled and experienced in administering ozone therapy during periodontal disease treatment, restorative care, and other procedures, eliminating health-compromising microorganisms and restoring your teeth and gums to a healthy condition. This revolutionary biological dentistry treatment is performed regularly in the serene, spa-like surroundings of our office.

The Many Advantages of Ozone Therapy

  • Kills oral fungi, bacteria, and viruses
  • Proven effective in hundreds of professional studies
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Recalcifies and strengthens teeth
  • Reduces or eliminates tooth sensitivity
  • Eliminates harmful pathogens without damaging the surrounding tissue
  • Cleans cavities before filling placement
  • As effective as several rounds of traditional treatment in just one dose

Ozone Therapy’s Lasting Benefits

This hypoallergenic therapy is not only used to eliminate harmful microorganisms in the mouth, it can also prevent them from recurring, reducing your chance of reinfection. Ozone therapy helps restore tooth structure through recalcification, leaving them stronger and more resistant to decay. Ozone therapy can also leave your sensitive teeth far less sensitive. In fact, we’ve helped many patients get over their sensitivity issues using ozone therapy specifically to treat the condition. It’s not just used to sterilize teeth and gums before other procedures! Again, ozone therapy and its applications are a completely safe form of biological dentistry that are performed by the expert hands of our team of specialists.

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