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Holistic Dentistry Treats More Than Your Mouth

We Bring A Comprehensive, Natural Approach To Dentistry

Under the guidance of our founder, Dr. Richard Porcelli, we’ve developed a holistic approach to treatment that encompasses everything from minimally invasive procedures that preserve the integrity of your mouth, to natural materials that safeguard your current and future health. It also includes laser dentistry and the CT scan equipment we use for diagnostic evaluations. With holistic dentistry (or biological dentistry), we carefully choose materials and methods that will enhance and protect the physical wellbeing of your entire body.

One key way we achieve this is by offering biocompatibility testing, where we confirm the materials and devices we use during procedures are completely safe for you before we use them. Through an independent lab, we verify that they are free of toxins that can harm your immune and nervous systems, for example. No treatment we offer will benefit you if the tools we use for it can compromise your health. We’ll make sure you have the peace of mind you need to proceed.

In addition, we understand how your diet impacts not only your oral health, but your overall body health as well—what we call the mouth-body connection. To protect both, we offer nutritional counseling from a highly trained specialist who can help you make better dietary choices and enjoy a healthier life going forward.

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5 reasons we practice holistic dentistry

An Experience Designed with Your Sensitivities in Mind

With latex allergies so pervasive, keeping our office latex-free is a lynchpin of our holistic dentistry philosophy. Some patients are also sensitive to certain fragrances. Our solution is to use soothing, natural essential oils that make our examination rooms smell and feel more like a spa than a dental facility. We also control odors by using purified air throughout our office. This is achieved through NASA-created technology that helps clear the air of pollutants including viruses, bacteria, mold, and chemical smells and saturates it with mood-enhancing light aero ions. Your total health and comfort are our priority from the moment you walk in the door.

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