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Good dental hygiene habits are the most effective way to maintain your dental health, but sometimes decay or an infection can occur, necessitating tooth extractions. The experts on our team are extensively experienced in performing all types of tooth extractions. We’ll first determine if extractions are truly necessary, or if some other restorative method can be used in your case. Once a direction is chosen, we’ll present you with a few options to “fill in the gaps” and enable you to eat, speak, and complete other activities without pain, difficulty, or embarrassment. All procedures are performed using biologically based, natural approaches and materials, and minimally invasive tools and methods, to preserve your health while we improve it.

If the thought of tooth extractions makes you uncomfortable, count on our team to provide everything possible to make you comfortable, from multiple sedation options to the tranquil, spa-like setting of our office, which is equipped with unequaled amenities. You won’t experience anything else like it in the Bluffton, SC area.

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Tooth Extractions and Replacements in a Single Visit

If we determine that placing dental implants is the best course of action after your tooth extractions (excluding wisdom teeth), we can generally do both the same day, depending upon the number of impacted teeth you need extracted. You don’t have to leave the office with unflattering gaps in your smile, even if you came in with them.

Dental implants have the most natural look, feel, and functionality of any artificial tooth replacement. In fact, they’re practically identical to your real teeth, with one notable exception: they’re permanent. Others won’t even know you have them; they’ll just see a confident person with a seamless smile.

Wisdom teeth are rear molars that come in and typically crowd other teeth, causing pain and misalignment. The solution is for our highly trained and qualified team to remove the impacted teeth. Removing wisdom teeth is more complex than other extractions and will generally be the only procedure performed during your visit. Recovery can take a few days and requires special care to prevent infection.

The good news is that wisdom teeth removal doesn’t require any replacement teeth. After the removal area heals, your other teeth will be healthier, functioning without the added strain or pressure your wisdom teeth caused. The difference in your quality of life can be dramatic!

Removal with No Replacement Necessary

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