Patient Testimonials - Bluffton, sC

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Porcelli Bluffton, SC

Biological Center for Dentistry

As our patient, you can rely on us to deliver the most natural and minimally-invasive, holistic, cosmetic, and restorative dental services available. Our team has extensive training and experience in a broad range of dental specialties and techniques and can offer everything you need right here in our Bluffton, SC office. Recognizing that your oral health and your overall health are dependent upon one another, we take a comprehensive approach to improving both. We accomplish this in a relaxing environment—a comfortable, luxurious spa-like setting that will make you forget you’re visiting a dentist office—where advanced technology and compassion merge to create the best possible health outcomes for you. We’re proud to say you won’t find another practice like it.

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“Holistic dentistry at Biological Center aligned with my beliefs for my family” 

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“The amalgam in my fillings was killing me”

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“Veneers gave me confidence”

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“Dr. Porcelli’s holistic approach to dentistry saved my life!”

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