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Superior Technology Makes More Effective Treatment

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Our Bluffton, SC office exudes sophistication from the décor to the personalized amenities. It’s only natural that our technology would be sophisticated too. We use the latest and the best equipment to give you the most effective and natural treatment possible. Our commitment to your dental health and overall wellness is our most important investment. Dr. Richard Porcelli, our founder, and our entire team have made your complete health our mission. This includes not only technology, but the knowledge to operate it effectively. We’ve undergone specialized training that empowers us to use the technology to deliver the best possible outcomes.

An accomplished cosmetic restorative dentist who has trained at the Pankey Institute and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Porcelli is a practitioner of Digital Smile Design techniques. He understands that your smile isn’t just about healthy teeth and mouth, but how they harmonize with your entire face and body. This understanding in combination with the right technology enable him to help you achieve the look you desire.

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Advantages of a Dentist with Advanced Technology

  • Improves accuracy of diagnoses
  • Enables more informed treatment planning
  • Yields more precise procedures
  • Allows for minimally invasive care
  • Streamlines care
  • Makes for shorter, more productive visits

Advanced Healing Protocols

There’s more to technology than tools. Dr. Porcelli and our staff are dedicated to using biologically based, advanced healing methods that help you recover with the power of your own body. This includes plasma-rich growth factors (PRF), proteins that occur naturally in your blood and help your body heal quickly after bone grafting and other procedures. PRF are isolated by means of a centrifuge which separates the elements of your blood, then used at the site of an incision to stimulate healing.

All-in-one system that enables us to scan your teeth, fabricate restorations, and place them in about one hour.

Cone Beam CT

CAT/CT equipment that gives us vivid 3D images of your jaws with 1/20 of the radiation exposure of typical CAT/CT machines. This technology allows us to offer guided dental implant placement for lasting results.


Technology that uses ultrasonic vibrations to make incisions without damaging any adjacent soft tissues.

Trios Intraoral Camera

Wand-like camera used to take high-quality, real-time digital images of the interior of your mouth.

iTero® Scanner

3D scanner that enables us to take a digital impression of your mouth instead of using messy impressions.

Dental laser system that enables us to complete Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), where we safely remove diseased gum tissue without a scalpel or sutures.

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