Implant Supported Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures Are the Dependable Alternative

Many people find traditional dentures are an acceptable substitute for missing teeth. However, they have many drawbacks. Traditional dentures slip easily, making for a potentially embarrassing situation if you’re speaking with a friend or eating in a public place when it happens. Their instability also can cause your gums to become infected or irritated, as they continually rub against those soft tissues. Standard dentures must also be removed regularly to be cleaned, creating ongoing inconvenience. And when you’re ready to put them back in, you have to deal with messy adhesives, many of which aren’t made from natural, healthy ingredients, but from chemicals and preservatives. Our exceptionally trained and experienced team is ready to show you what life with implant supported dentures is like. These new teeth will stay in place and give you complete peace of mind in any social situation.

The Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

Dental implants are literally the foundation of implant supported dentures. These biocompatible components are permanently placed in your jawbone and act as tooth roots for custom crowns. They’re the most stable replacement option for missing teeth available today. We work with an acclaimed prosthodontist to fit your implant supported dentures using biological, natural methods, tools, and materials. As specialists in placing dental implants, prosthodontists are the most qualified dentists to provide the firm foundation for your implant supported dentures.

Guided by advanced technology, we’re able to place dental implants with great precision, accessing your jawbone and inserting screw-like devices made of durable titanium or zirconia, a metal-free ceramic option. We offer several effective sedation options—and a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere—to keep you comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. At the end of your visit to our Bluffton, SC office, you’ll leave with a provisional (temporary) set of dentures that will enable you to eat and speak normally. On a follow-up visit you’ll receive your permanent implant supported dentures and will quickly see that they increase your quality of life to an extent that you may never have imagined when you had damaged or missing teeth!


Implant Supported

Fixed to prevent slippage


Protect your jawbone

Cause gum irritation

Require adhesives

Other Services Related to Implant Supported Dentures

Depending upon the condition of your jawbone and teeth, you may require other procedures to be completed before your implants are placed. If so, you can rely on the highly practiced skill of our staff to see that those procedures are done correctly—and possibly during the same visit! When your jawbone has deteriorated to the point that it won’t support dental implants, we can restore the bone through bone grafting, which involves taking a piece of bone from your body, a donor, or other natural sources, and placing it in the area of the decay. The grafted bone eventually fuses to the jawbone and becomes a natural part of your body (a biological process called osseointegration). In addition, our team offers tooth extractions, if needed.

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