SMART Mercury Filling Removals

Mercury-Free Dentistry

We Eliminate Toxins from Your Mouth Safely

At one time, mercury was the metal of choice for fillings. When combined with alloy powder, this naturally occurring element yielded a soft mixture that was easy to apply into a tooth, but that also became solid quickly and was strong enough to allow the recipient to chew hard food normally. While this may seem ideal, there was one huge downside: Mercury is harmful to human health. The World Health Organization has deemed it “toxic,” and many countries have even banned mercury fillings.

You may be shocked to learn that almost half of dentists in the United States still needlessly use this toxic substance in fillings. We’re proud to say we’re not among them! As a practice dedicated to natural, holistic methods, we use safer metal-free alternatives. Our highly skilled team places only mercury-free fillings, and also has the expertise to safely remove your existing mercury fillings without exposing you to further risk of contamination, all in the exceptional comfort of our Bluffton, SC office. It’s crucial to your health to use a dentist trained in the top protective protocols—such as SMART amalgam removals.

Mercury Exposure Can Harm Your Whole Body

As a practitioner of holistic dentistry, our founder, Dr. Richard Porcelli, makes your full body health a priority. He knows that mercury fillings aren’t only harmful to your mouth but can potentially compromise your general health by contaminating systems and organs throughout your body:

  • Nervous system
  • Immune system
  • Digestive system
  • Lungs
  • Kidneys
  • Skin
  • Eyes

SMART Mercury Removal

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The amalgam in my fillings was killing me
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SMART amalgam filling removal keeps you safe

The SMART Way to Remove Mercury Fillings

Some of the mercury in the human body comes from the fish we eat—generally large fish like tuna and shark. Removing these fish from your diet is a good way to reduce your mercury exposure. However, if you have mercury fillings, you may have ongoing exposure via toxic vapor released as you eat and speak. Dr. Porcelli and our experienced team are certified to perform SMART amalgam removals. SMART, or Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, requires special skills and equipment, but done with the proficiency our team possesses, can be safe, effective, and pose minimal risk.

When you come to us to have your mercury fillings removed, your treatment will begin before the actual appointment—and afterward for up to three months—with nutritional supplements to help rid your body of toxic substances. During the procedure itself, you, the doctor, and everyone in the room will wear special protective clothing. In addition, our team will use special equipment including a protective rubber dam and high-speed suction to minimize your possibility of exposure during removal. As with all of our treatments, everything is completed with the utmost care for your overall health.

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Free Yourself from the Dangers of Mercury Fillings