Meet Richard F. Porcelli, DDS, MS

Meet Richard F. Porcelli DDS, MS / Biologically-Trained Cosmetic, Restorative Dentist

Dr. Rich Porcelli

What Type of Dentist is dr. Richard Porcelli?

Dr. Porcelli is a Biologically-trained Cosmetic, Restorative Dentist. His expertise—smile design and complex dentistry is an art form requiring precise work in the service of people needing smile rejuvenation and serious mouth reconstruction. He instinctively understands the issues and concerns of his patients and has a passion for helping people get the smile they desire.
Dr. Porcelli defines himself as an artist of the smile and a physician of the mouth. His artistic talent in sculpture art gives him an edge in tooth and smile design. He insists on working with people who are equally meticulous. Dr. Porcelli only works with high quality products and small dental labs—not with big conglomerates—because he wants people who can build prosthetics and teeth with the same care and artisanship he brings to his own craft.

What additional training does Dr. Porcelli have?

Continuing education is critical for a healthcare professional to stay
abreast of all new technologies. Dr. Porcelli has accumulated over 1000
clinical hours in continued dental education. Having completed his
training at The Dawson Academy—a prestigious post-doctorate
learning institute recognized all around the world–Dr Porcelli is a Dawson Scholar trained in complex dentistry, TMJ disorder, sleep apnea and complete smile design. He is an alumni of the reputable Pankey Institute and Kois Center, two master level programs dedicated to excellence in dentistry and comprehensive smile design. As a past Clinical Instructor and active student with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) this allows him to keep current with cosmetic dentistry trends and artistic technique training.

As a dedicated student of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and Paracelsus Clinic – a Swiss Biological Medicine and Dental Institute, Dr. Porcelli continues to keep himself on the cutting edge of biocompatable materials, technology and biological research. His studies keep him abreast of oral and systemic toxicology to ensure optimal health out-comes for his patients. As an educator he enjoys lecturing on reconstructive, implant, functional bite and smile design.

What is his biological/holistic approach?

Dr. Porcelli’s mission is to provide the most optimal dental care for his patients through his biological systemic approach regarding the mouth-body connection. Dr. Porcelli believes it is very important to use the highest quality dental products that are the most biocompatible for the patient. He pays mindful attention to toxicology and its relationship to the body. As a result, patients are recommended to have biocompatibility testing to ensure the best products are used for them. He pays careful attention to the oral-systemic connection to organs of the body and its proper balance. Dr. Porcelli is very comprehensive and helps his patients understand the importance of proper nutrition/healthy lifestyle and its relevance to total health and successful dentistry. His patients learn the importance of a strong complement of teeth, a healthy TMJ joint, a balanced bite and adequate hygiene to ensure long lasting results.

As a biologic dentist, Dr. Porcelli is Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) trained and certified from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicity. For any patient requiring amalgam mercury fillings to be removed, protective barriers are used to minimize the exposure to toxic mercury. In addition, a regimen for heavy metal detoxification and immune system support is recommended. In addition, he utilizes ozone therapy, a natural antimicrobial, in conjunction with most treatments to assist in the elimination of decay and to reduce sensitivity. Dr. Porcelli has studied under Dr.Thomas Rau, a pioneer in biologic medicine and director of the world-renowned Paracelsus clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland. His biological approach is reinforced by his mission to help patients learn more about proper nutrition, a healthy gut, heavy toxic load and its connection to chronic disease, so that they can rejuvenate and live healthier lives.

What type of patient should come to see
Dr. Porcelli and his Team?

Dr. Porcelli enjoys helping anyone who is seeking high quality healthcare or understanding more about their current health situation. He is dedicated to the profession and is willing to think outside the box to get the necessary results. His talent for smile design is becoming recognized by many of his peers and his patients are walking billboards for his beautiful art. Overall, his education and artistic background makes him well-trained to help patients achieve the mouth/body health they deserve and to create beautiful rejuvenated smiles that are transformational.

Dr. Porcelli attributes all of his accomplishments and success to his number one passion — his family life. He is married to his beautiful Romanian wife Alina, who is also in the health profession. Together they have two loving and amazing children, Matei Christian and Milla Sophia. He practices in both New York City and Hilton Head Island | Savannah area.

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